Pharmstandard Acquires 100% Stake in JSC “LEKKO”

Pharmstandard is one of the largest manufacturers of pharmaceutical products in Russia, finalized its acquisition of 100% voting shares of  «LEKKO» CJSC. According to Elena Archangelskaya, the Financial Director of Pharmstandard, the Company was ready to allocate up to 100 million dollars to complete the merger, however, the cost of merger did not exceed 85 million dollars.

Pharmstandard OJSC placed the bid to acquire ‘Lekko’ in July, 2012, and in September, 6, Russia’s Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) granted the approval for the transaction. 

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News360 Re-imagined for Windows

News360, a successful Russian Start-up that produces the namesake cross-platform News application announced the release of its App for the new Windows 8. So far, the application, first launched in November, 2010, has been released on 9 platforms, including Apple’s iOS, Google’s Android, Research in Motion, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, as well as the web.

The developers of the App point out that in this release they have managed to incorporate features unique to the new Windows user interface, which enhances the News360 experience, such as Search and Share, the ability to pin a particular news category to the Start screen, and more.

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Emerging Market Small Cap ETFs: Freefall Continues

Emerging markets have long have been attracting investors from all around the globe due to their high growth potential and rapid pace of industrialization. Fiscal 2010 marked a very good year for the emerging markets as the aftermath of the 2008 crisis seemed to be fading and global growth was back on track.

However, things have been quite different as of late as a series of socio-economic as well as political problems from developed nations have plagued market sentiment. Now, it appears as though the euro zone crisis is spreading, forcing many investors to reconsider deploying assets across the globe but especially in the small cap emerging market space.  

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