Luxembourg Court Rejects Nikolay Maximov’s Right to Freeze Steel Invest and Finance S.A. Shares

On June 20, 2012, the Court of Luxembourg ruled to dismiss an appeal by Nikolay Maximov that sought to freeze the shares of the Luxembourg-based Steel Invest and Finance (a part of NLMK Group).

In June 2011, Mr. Maximov filed a lawsuit which sought to freeze the shares of Steel Invest and Finance S.A., a subsidiary of NLMK International B.V. Nikolay Maximov claimed that Steel Invest and Finance was the co-defendant in the ICAC (International Arbitration Commercial Court) decision of March 31, 2011 that was invalidated by the Moscow City Arbitration Court. The freezing of Steel Invest and Finance S.A. shares was reversed by the Luxembourg court on October 28, 2011 as unlawful. 

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Sberbank Will Abolish Troika Dialog Investment Brand After The Merger

More than 20-years history of one of the most famous brands on Russian financial market  is coming to an end. Troika Dialog after its merger with Sberbank will abolish its brand to became Sberbank’s investment department.

Troika Dialog is a legendary brand, one of the most powerful in the Russian market. In the short term, its disappearance would be frustrating, but in the long run it is the right decision. 

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Russian Elections Meet The Circus

Russian political arena has got excited again as it faced the official start of pre-election race, preceding the upcoming parliamentary elections scheduled for December, 4 of this year. Political activity in the country is higher than usual as parliament elections are interrelated with upcoming presidential elections scheduled for 2012. Main parties to be fighting for the places in Russian Parliament are familiar to the society and already making their first public statements. Representatives of “United Russia”, a Russia’s ruling party led by prime minister Vladimir Putin, has stated that they intend to get not less than 50% of elector’s voices.

Russian political arena is dominated by “United Russia”, while opposition poorly represented by liberal fractions which has also proved their loyalty to the Kremlin. Among those, who still exist in Russia’s political life are KPRF (Сommunist party), LDPR (Liberal-Democratic party, led by an eccentric leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky) and close to the current government “Spravedlivaya Russia” (Rightful Russia, a party led by a former head of Federation Council Sergei Mironov). 

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Success of Russian IPO’s dependent from small and mid-size companies

Russian companies had started again to look for investors money after long period of compel downtime forced by impacts of the financial crisis. And it is not just the plain talks  of top-managers about 'possibilities' or 'plans' — the IPO process and engagement of financial advisers and bankers is running in several Russian companies already.

We are talking about shares placement not only of large moguls with capitalization over $1 billion, among which would be important to mention Rusagro, Vertolioty Rossii (Russian Helicopters), Euroset and Metalloinvest. The process of fundraising has been found attractive in current economical conditions also by a much smaller companies. 

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